Undocumented students and allies share their personal stories on migration and immigration, and the positive impact that the passing of the Student ACCESS Bill will have on their lives.  

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I'm a U.S. citizen who moved to the states from Puerto Rico when I was eleven. Although I'm not undocumented, seeing my undocumented friends struggle has impacted the way I see things. I'm an ally because I don't like injustices and I believe in a God that's always fair and just. Supporting this bill is the right thing to do. 



I feel as if I put my family in danger just by speaking my truth. My freedom of speech threatens all my other freedoms. Nonetheless, I am American: I believe in dreams coming true. Yet, undoubtedly, my experience is different. I am threatened by the tremulous nature of my undocumented identity. Will I ever become the physician I dream of being?

I think of the millions- the millions with my black skin- whose health are threatened by higher risk of disease.  Neglecting their health risks their dreams. It is with this in mind that I ask beyond anything, "are we not all human?” We deserve this access. I believe we all have the right to the support needed to live for our dreams, our futures- without borders or barriers. We deserve this access and with the passage of this bill it would surely change my life and the lives of others.

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